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Family G & J Import and Export Services

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    We Provide Services to Across The Globe

    We offer world-wide shipping services via our high quality distribution facility in Malden. With our shipping services, we offer wholesale services as well as import and export. Need something to print? We have a printer on site as well to print anything needed.

    Fast Service

    Come by to ship your packages in under 30 minutes. Just drop them off and we will handle the rest. We are here for you.

    Safe Delivery

    Have your packages be delivered safely to its destination. Our packages are able to be insured for that peace of mind.

    Storefront in Malden

    Drop your packages locally at our convenient storefront located in Route 60 Plaza in Malden, Massachusetts.

    Our Mission and Promise

    Our goal is to let our customers to be so confident in our capability to deliver their merchandise that they can dedicate their energy towards the core facets of their business. We offer consultation services to the world of import/export to start your B2B business. We are a hub of experts and also a place where you can help print marketing collateral for your business to grow.

    – Iris Page (CEO)

    Print Services

    In-House Printing Stations

    World-Wide Shipping

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    We Import Cars, Products, etc.


    Wholesale at Competitive Rates

    Print Services

    In-House Printing Stations

    We allow you to print documents and make copies and you can stop to get your documents printed or copies made. The entire process is easy, so you don’t need to be a tech guru to get perfect results every time.  You get the flexibility to choose the source that you prefer. If you use digital files, you can bring in a USB thumb drive or flash drive with PDF files, upload them to the kiosk and then print as many copies as you wish. Alternatively, you can use physical documents or hard copies to produce your copied pages.

    World-Wide Shipping

    Get Competitive Pricing

    Family G&J Import and Export is a worldwide shipping company providing a wide range of services to support your shipping needs. We strive to be a leader in the shipping industry.We provide all of our clients with complete logistics solutions from domestic trucking and international air and ocean shipping to warehousing services. By choosing us for your freight shipping needs you can rest easy and know that your shipment is going to arrive at its destination at the time you need it to. Whether you’re shipping complex heavy equipment or simply require your industrial goods to be transported from one destination to another, we’re equipped with the right team, equipment and cargo services to meet your needs on budget and on time.


    We Import Cars, Products, etc.

    If you are new to importing and exporting, we can provide import export services that will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. First time importers and exporters can be easily overwhelmed by the vast number of requirements and the fragmented sources of information. Our expert staff of import/export trade specialists will consult with you on every aspect of importing and exporting including supplier selection, contract negotiation, favorable shipping terms, carrier and route selection, US Customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, as well as any other area of concern for your company.


    Wholesale at Competitive Rates

    We can help you buy products whole sale at competitive rates. We have helped clients buy hair products, and accessories, furniture, skincare Products, electronics, and etc. Do you like to sell someone else’s item for profit? Drop shipping is a good way to sell something without ever having your own inventory! Like anything, it has its own pros and cons but is still a good way to make money online or offline if you find the right supplier. We can also help you get products get shipped to you if you do not like drop shipping. We offer many solutions.

    Why choose us

    What Makes Us Different

    • We are passionate about customers
    • We are energetic and eager
    • We are performance driven
    • We envision sucess
    Why customers love us

    We are passionate about customers

    Great customer service can be taught, to an extent. But there needs to be something inside of the customer service agent that makes them want to solve someone’s issue. Don’t find someone just searching for a job; find someone who wants a career in customer service. The key thing they need for delivering outstanding customer service is a passion for helping people.Our passion for service goes for hand-in-hand with friendliness and a personable attitude. When interviewing, look for candidates who smile, look you in the eye, act pleasant and confident—these are the types of people you want to put on the front line to give a positive impression of your business. Our customers can hear characteristics such as passion and friendliness over the phone and even read those traits in emails.

    Why customers love us

    We are energetic and eager

    We are energetic and eager – a young company and proud of it – we are open to new ideas and enthusiastic about innovation. We promote a positive, energizing and fun environment.We believe our our organization and all its members should continuously strive for the larger interest for the welfare of the society. We desire to build a modern and a better society for everyone. We believe that our organization should not just be a legal entity. It should be an ethical, value based and compassionate organization, sincere in its approach.

    Why customers love us

    We are performance driven

    We have a performance driven culture that has always been the key to success for our company. When organizations make it a point to focus on employee performance, there is an air of motivation in the office that usually results in great numbers.We wantour presence in the industry as a dedicated and professional Logistics Company, providing customized services to the customers through personal touch by its team of motivated employees and high quality systems.

    Why customers love us

    We Envision Sucess

    We envision ourself as a global leader in its segment, providing high standards of exclusive and professional services.Growth of the company should be coupled with success, prosperity and growth for all people associated with it. The company should have a renowned branding as a trustworthy and reliable organization. Being a one-point solution provider to its customers, for their entire national and international logistics requirements, our vision is to create landmark in changing the quality of life for our customers.

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    Understand who we are and what we can do for you.



    You can rely on our business practices and how we can get you where you want to be.



    Depend on us for all of your logistics needs as well as the other services we offer.



    We provide prints and amazing designs of business cards and invitations.

    Know us more

    About Us

    We are a family owned company located in Malden, Massachusetts in the heart of Route 60 Plaza.

    We supply dependable solutions to print, shipping, wholesale, import, and export services. We have a supply store where people can come to send their packages. We have many different carriers that we use so you are able to have different options.

    What we have

    Our Store

    • Fully StaffedWe have staff here to help you from opening to close to help you with any issues from shipping your packages to printing your documents.
    • Safe Location for PackagesTrust us with your packages. Our facility is secure so you can have the peace of mind leaving your packages on location.
    • Immediate Pricing QuotesNeed to know the price to ship packages internationally or to get a package from overseas? No problem!
    We are consultants in the field

    Wholesale / Import / Export

    Understand this is just hte tip of the iceberg in services and products we offer. For more detail and customized information, please talk to one of our consultants.

    Hair Products and Acc.

    Get Wigs, wefts, and other hair care products from suppliers overseas at competitive prices. 


    Get the top latest fashion trends in furniture to modernize your living space or to sell to businesses. 

    Skincare Products

    Buy and sell products that are loved globablly originating from big countries like Korea. 


    Want to buy a T.V and ship to a love one but prices are too expensive? We have business solutions tailored for that. 


    We have years of experience and proper permits to import and export cars to other countries. Come speak to us for consulation.


    We print business cards, wedding invitations, photos, and more. Want to buy state of the art designs overseas as well. 

    know us more

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Shipping Tracking

    At Family G & J, we know experience matters. That’s why customers trust us — Once the item is shipped, we will keep you updated with tracking info form DHL, UPS, or any carrier that we are working with.

    New Customers

    Don’t have an account with us? No problem, we accept new customers and the process is painless.

    What kind of packages

    We ship just about any kind of packages. If they are oversized, no problem we have the business solution and logistics set up enough to handle anything.

    Contact Info

    We are located in Malden, Massachusetts. We are right in the Route 60 plaza and our hours are from 10 am to 6pm Monday through Saturday with the exception of Sunday where our hours are from 2PM-6PM.

    General Enquiries

    If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

    What they say

    Client’s Testimonial

    Our commitment to sustainability helps us reduce waste and share the benefits with
    our customers. It permeates the way we do business, driving us to innovate.

    • I tried to ship some products oversea. Family IMEX guided me every step of the way. Very recommended and the prices were a lot cheaper than UPS. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

      Marsha M.
    • I ordered some beauty products in China but the shipping that they were quoting was outrageous. I was looking for quotes and Family G&J prices were the cheapest… so I am happy!

      Michelle B.

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